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Kerang primary school students gain strong understanding of leadership at Australia's Premier Studen

On the 23rd of May, Kerang Primary School grade six's, went to Bendigo to the impact leadership conference. It was held at the All Seasons Motel. We started travelling at approximately 7:30am....Some of our activities were, walking around, and meeting other people from different schools.."

Jump Rope for Heart

Congratulations to Mrs. Adams and to all of the grade six leaders who made for a successful ―Jump Rope for Heart‖ session. It was great to see family members of students come along and join in as well. Sponsorship cards and money to be in this week.

Wise & Witty Words

"Insanity is hereditary. We get it from our children." Unknown
"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."

William James

Safeway Earn and Learn 2012

When staff and parents shop at Wool-worths they can collect stickers from the checkout operator and place them on sticker cards.There'll be one sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco, and gift cards). Once completed, they can place their sticker cards in the collec-tion box at school.

Jump rope for HEART

Tuesday 19th June was a fantastic. Jump rope for HEART. It was great to see so many people wearing red. We were wearing red because we were support-ing the heart foundation. Also because that it is the colour of our blood. We had 4 different groups to rotate to. Partner skipping, long rope skipping, yellow rope skipping and indi-vidual skipping. Everyone par-ticipated in our fantastic jump rope for HEART. We had a great day. Everyone had a great day. There was a lot of co-operation. Well done to everyone who came to watch.


Quick Parenting Quiz

Which of the following statements places the responsibility for behaviour onto the child?
a) Darling, could you hop in the car please so I can take you to school?
b) Get in the car NOW!!!
c) I'm leaving for school in five minutes.
d) If you get in the car now I'll buy you a treat after school.

Answer: c


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Kerang Primary School is committed to continuous improvement in all areas of the curriculum. A strong emphasis has been placed on Numeracy, Literacy and ICT which is enhanced by our participation in regional coaching programs. This includes Literacy and a Numeracy coordinator training in early years intervention programs.  

The school was established in 1874 and has a long, proud tradition in the local community with a vision for the future that includes further development and integration of information and communication technologies, high quality explicit teaching in learning neighbourhoods and a policy of putting the student at the centre of learning in a safe, friendly learning environment. Our Koori students and their families are supported by a KESO officer and local elders. The Koorie students are engaged in learning and have a high level of attendance and participation rate.

Kerang is a rural town on the Loddon River in northern Victoria in Australia. It is the commercial centre to an irrigation district based on livestock, horticulture, lucerne and grain. It is located 279 kilometres (173 mi) north-west of Melbourne on the Murray Valley Highway a few kilometres north of its intersection with the Loddon Valley Highway. Kerang Primary School is located within the central business district of Kerang and has a strong partnership with parents. The school council and parents club are actively engaged in school activities and fundraising with our bi-yearly fete is a highlight with the whole school community.

The 2012 Impact Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) for primary students came to BENDIGO on the 23rd of May 2012.

Over 375 students from more than 25 primary schools attended this interactive, hands-on and practical day that aimed to prepare the students for their roles and responsibilities as student leaders, encourage them to be positive role models who make a difference in their schools, and equip them with the tools to do so.

Between the 30th of April and 30th of May the Impact Leadership Team will have conducted primary conferences in seventeen locations between Coolangatta (QLD) and Port Augusta (SA); the overall goal that students would leave these conferences with a clear vision, a solid understanding of leadership and dozens of ideas for their time as a student leader.

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We now have a clear moral purpose of education with our students central to decisions made. We maintain a whole-school focus on the promotion of positive relationships, student resilience, responsible behaviour and improved attendance.

Key strategies include:

  • A clearly outlined code of behaviour and whole school understanding of our wellbeing policy and behaviour management process.
  • A focus on classroom routines conducive to good learning.
  • Weekly celebration of student achievements and high attendance at school assembly.
  • Engagement of the 'You can do it' program and emphasis to the school community 'It is not ok to be away'.
  • Engagement of outside agencies to support our students and their families.

Kerang Primary School has various practises in place which enhance student transitions. Our Prep students transition into school was supported by a program which saw reciprocal visits between the school and pre-school, parent information nights and the availability of information brochures at the pre-school. Small class sizes in the early years classrooms build confidence and enhanced student learning. New enrolments are aligned to a buddy which also builds confidence and gives them a strong sense of connectedness and belonging. Our kindergarten-Prep transition program is a comprehensive year long process. It encompasses regular visits timetabled across the entire year. Kerang Primary School has close links with the local High School. Grade six and year seven teachers visit and teach in each other's classes with formal transition days held during terms three and four.

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