Staff Comment

Kerang Primary School Principal, Mr Brenton Taylor expounds the benefits of such a program in preparing our students to become worthy citizens in society. Providing them with skills and strategies to accept responsibility and to be inclusive of others are great personal qualities to possess and reinforces our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Resilience, and Teamwork.

Student Comment

(On the 23rd of May, Kerang Primary School grade six's, went to Bendigo to the impact leadership conference. It was held at the All Seasons Motel. We started travelling at approximately 7:30am, we travelled on a mini bus, our bus driver was our principal Mr. Taylor, and we got to Bendigo at about 8:45am. When our school got there, other schools were already there. Our leadership teachers were Andy, Mason, Rachael and a couple more. Andy and Mason were really funny and cool. They were our main instructors and they played heaps of fun games, like loud noises and a lot more fun games. We had our morning tea break at 10:45am. Our school, and a couple more, ate at the outdoor eating area. It looked really nice and fancy. Some of our activities were, walking around, and meeting other people from different schools. We learned what a watermelon and strawberry leader was. A watermelon leader is hard on the outside and soft and squishy on the inside, so that means that a watermelon leader is not the same on both sides, but a strawberry is the same on the inside as well as the outside. So be like a strawberry leader not a watermelon leader. We also learnt about the school leadership bus and also how to motivate others and meeting the needs of your school. Our school is going to improve from is conference. Our teachers that were in charge of us on the trip were; Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Macdonald. My opinion was the excursion was worth the money.  It was a fantastic excursion that we all enjoyed.  By Ange Gibson and Amma Peacock.

In just six years the ISLC has grown from 300 attendees to over 15000 secondary and primary student leaders attending across Australia.

For more information about Impact Leadership, please visit our website www.impactleadership.org.au.

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